High-Level Talks Between Moldovan Officials and Slovenian President Musar

Slovenia’s support in the Republic of Moldova’s accession process to the European Union, as well as ways to enhance the strategic partnership between our countries, were discussed on Thursday, November 16, at the Government House, during the meeting between Prime Minister Dorin Recean and the President of Slovenia, Nataša Pirc Musar.

Prime Minister Dorin Recean referred to the progress made by our country in implementing the European agenda, recently confirmed by the European Commission’s recommendation to start the accession process of the Republic of Moldova to the European Union. In this context, the head of the Executive thanked President Nataša Pirc Musar for Slovenia’s support for Moldova’s European path and assistance provided in the consolidation of public finances and the resilience of financial institutions.

“We believe that a larger Europe is a safer and more prosperous one, and we make the necessary effort to become part of the European family. We continue to implement reforms in the field of justice and anti-corruption because these processes are the foundation of a strong democracy,” mentioned Prime Minister Dorin Recean.

President Nataša Pirc Musar reaffirmed Slovenia’s support for our country’s European endeavor and appreciated the efforts of authorities and citizens in supporting Ukrainian refugees.

“We are here to support the Republic of Moldova on its European path, and we believe that your citizens’ place is in the European Union. Congratulations on the success achieved in implementing the recommendations of the European Commission, and we are open to continue providing the expertise needed in this process,” said President Nataša Pirc Musar.

In turn, the head of the Executive pointed out that “Slovenia is one of the European countries from which the Republic of Moldova must learn what a European path means. Comparable to our country in terms of size and population, thanks to the support of the European Union, Slovenia has made a spectacular leap, becoming the most prosperous country in the Western Balkans and one of the most developed in Europe. That is what we aspire to as a country, building Europe here, at home.”

During the dialogue, officials also addressed opportunities to enhance bilateral relations in the fields of renewable energy, agriculture, electronic industry, and IT.


Moreover, the President of Slovenia, Nataša Pirc Musar, conveyed a strong message of support for the European path of the Republic of Moldova during the meeting with the President of the Parliament, Igor Grosu. During the discussions, officials addressed the recent events in the country and the region.

“We, Moldovans, through our votes in the last three electoral contests, have clearly expressed our desire to be part of the European Union,” stated Igor Grosu.

The legislative leader also referred to the progress made by the Republic of Moldova in the legislative process, as well as the dangers facing our country.

“We are talking about hybrid warfare, Russia’s interference in elections, resistance from corrupt groups in the justice reform process. Despite these challenges, however, we continue to adopt laws to make us resilient economically, energetically, and in terms of security,” emphasized the President of the Parliament.

Officials agreed to enhance cooperation between the two countries in areas such as cybersecurity, the environment, and the transfer of expertise in the EU accession negotiation process.

“Today’s visits by the two presidents once again demonstrate that we are not alone, that we have reliable partners,” concluded the President of the Parliament.

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