Hundreds of Farmers to Receive Humanitarian Aid – Diesel Fuel from Romania

Farmers affected by the drought in 2022, meeting the eligibility criteria established according to the regulatory framework, will receive humanitarian aid – diesel fuel from Romania.

According to a statement from the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry, the Intervention and Payments Agency for Agriculture (AIPA) has received 1546 requests regarding the external humanitarian aid provided by Romania to support farmers affected by the 2022 drought.

Out of the total filed applications, 56 have been rejected as they did not meet the eligibility criteria established according to the regulatory framework. Thus, 1490 farmers will be allocated diesel fuel as humanitarian aid.

According to data presented by agricultural producers, the drought-affected land area is 193,584.13 thousand hectares, after applying the coefficient for categorizing agricultural producers, and the eligible area is 114,207.98 thousand hectares. The average quantitative amount per hectare of diesel fuel is 35.01 liters.

On November 24, 2023, AIPA approached the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection to convene the Interdepartmental Commission for Humanitarian Aid. As a result, on December 18, 2023, the Commission approved the list, as well as the distribution calculations for external humanitarian aid. The distribution of humanitarian aid to farmers will be ensured by the Material Reserves Agency of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The ministry emphasizes that eligible recipients for humanitarian aid include micro and small farmers, as well as public institutions that own and cultivate arable land up to 1500 hectares, which were sown with crops for the 2022 harvest and were affected by drought.

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