IAMTO will develop with USAID support the e-Bursa Transport digital solution, a platform that will streamline the logistics services market

The first e-Bursa Transport digital platform will be developed in Moldova by the International Association of Motor Transport Operators (IAMTO) with the financial support of the USAID Institutional and Structural Reforms in Moldova Program, provided under a Grant Agreement signed today by the two institutions.

The e-Bursa Transport platform aims to become a digital solution that connects producers, freight owners, and transporters to facilitate the identification of quality and reliable road transport services integrated into a well-organized system. In this way, e-Bursa Transport will streamline and optimize the identification and booking of road haulage services.

IAMTO says that facilitating direct communication between all parties involved in road freight transport is essential for the country’s economic development and for providing the population with the necessary goods. According to IAMTO, in 2022 80.9% of all goods delivered to/from the country were transported by road, which confirms the importance of road freight transport in the national economic development.


Thus, all road transport operators, intermediate freight transport companies, producers, holders, and consignees of goods will benefit from the services offered by e-Bursa Transport. According to data from the relevant institutions, there are about 500 road haulage operators in Moldova performing international operations and about 2000 road haulage operators performing domestic transport operations.

Following the development and implementation of the e-Bursa Transport platform, the logistics services market will be more transparent, and a modern, operational, competitive system will be created for transport operators and credible for transport service applicants.

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