Igor Grosu assures that we will be provided with “gas, light, wood and fuel”

“We will have gas, we will have light, we will have wood, we will have fuel”. The president of the Parliament, Igor Grosu, came with such assurances in an interview for Vocea Bessarabiei, where he states that “in a very short time we will see very good news from a friendly country that will come with an announcement”.

Grosu declared that, in these more complicated conditions, the government will do everything possible for the citizens to get through this winter well and “we will be much better prepared than last winter, when in October Gazprom reduced our volume by two thirds delivered by gas”, without preventing the authorities from Chisinau, although “we were exemplary in paying the bills”.

“Now we have many friends, I mean the countries in the European Union, in the West that will help us with gas supply. We already have legislation to establish energy vulnerability, to see how prepared a family, a person is from the point of view of energy vulnerability. This time, we will start with the most vulnerable, the most distressed, such as pensioners, families with many children. First of all, we will deliver wood to them, if we are talking about the rural environment, in a very short time you will see very good news from a friendly country that will come with an announcement”, said the president of PAS, Igor Grosu, for the Voice of Bessarabia.


Asked what will happen if the Russian giant Gazprom closes the tap for the Republic of Moldova, Igor Grosu mentioned that “he prefers not to engage in speculation, but the government has a plan for such a scenario.”

“I would not like to get involved in these scenarios, but we are also considering the scenario when 100% is closed, and then we anticipate procuring gas from elsewhere and replacing a quantity of gas with fuel oil, since the ton of fuel oil is now with much cheaper than gas. We are making reservations, a part has already been purchased, we have agreements for gradual purchase, because we do not have the capacity to store the amount of fuel oil we would need if we were to change 100%, we would only switch to fuel oil. But this problem does not arise, we will purchase part of the gas to have a reserve for two winter months, as the legislation says, we will replace part of the gas with fuel oil; for those from the countryside we will have a wood insurance program. I know that now economic agents who specialize in coal are making logistical efforts to bring coal by rail. We will make sure to get through this winter well”, concluded Grosu.

We remind you that, at the end of last week, the Government came up with a winter plan, in the context of the regional natural gas crisis, which leads to a game on the international market of the Russian Federation. In this context, as an alternative to Russian gas, the Chisinau authorities foresee the use of fuel oil, wood, sawdust, coal, pellets, as well as other energy resources.

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