Igor Grosu Expresses Gratitude to Romania for Supporting Moldova’s European Perspective.

Igor Grosu, President of the Chisinau Legislature, conveyed a message of gratitude to Romania after the Parliament in Bucharest adopted a resolution on the European perspective of the Republic of Moldova.

“Thank you, dear Romania, for supporting us in the state transformation process. I extend my gratitude and that of my fellow citizens for the support given, which has shown us once again that we are not alone. This is what the European Union means – having friends you can rely on. Together for a European Moldova!” expressed Igor Grosu, President of the Chisinau Parliament.


It is worth noting that the Romanian Parliament, on Tuesday, November 28, adopted a resolution with a majority of votes, reaffirming full support for advancing the European integration of the Republic of Moldova and endorsing a positive decision by the European Council regarding the opening of accession negotiations.

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