Moldova’s European Progress: Highlights from the 14th CPA RM-UE Meeting

The legislature in Chișinău hosted the 14th Meeting of the Moldova-European Union Parliamentary Association Committee (CPA RM-UE) on Wednesday. The event brought together members of the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova, Members of the European Parliament, and representatives of the government who discussed the progress made by our country in the context of implementing the nine recommendations outlined in the European Commission’s opinion. According to the Parliament, discussions focused on the implementation process of justice reform, security, and the economic situation in our country.

“Despite all the difficulties, we are confident that, thanks to the support of the European Parliament and, directly, the members of the Moldova-EU Parliamentary Association Committee delegation, Moldova will succeed in achieving the ambitious goals it has set to start accession negotiations with the EU. This is because the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova, the Government, and society have mobilized to fulfill all the recommendations put before us,” mentioned the co-chair of CPA RM-UE, Vice President of Parliament, Mihail Popșoi.

“The strengthening of justice, the fight against corruption and money laundering, the proper functioning of the rule of law, and the reform of institutions within the judiciary system—all are processes where the implementation speed is very good on the part of the authorities in the Republic of Moldova. That is why the European Parliament supports the start of accession negotiations. This is the official position of the European Parliament expressed in the resolution of October, and this is what we will reiterate collectively in this meeting, we, the parliamentarians from the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova and the European Parliament,” emphasized the co-chair of CPA RM-UE, MEP Siegfried Mureșan.

During the meeting, participants addressed the economic and security challenges of the Republic of Moldova in the context of Russia’s aggression against Ukraine. They also discussed justice reform, a key element of the European Union’s recommendations. Additionally, during the session, the head of the Directorate-General for Neighborhood and Enlargement Negotiations at the European Commission, Gert Jan Koopman, had an online intervention where he spoke about the Commission’s assessment.

At the end of the meeting, a declaration regarding Moldova’s European path was adopted.


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