Igor Grosu: Moldova and Austria Forge Partnership to Embrace Expertise and Good Governance Practices

Igor Grosu, the President of the Parliament, held discussions with a delegation from the Parliamentary Friendship Group Austria-Moldova, Ukraine, and Belarus, led by parliamentarian Helmut Brandstätter. The discussions focused on enhancing cooperation in key areas such as combating disinformation and attracting investments in sectors like renewable energy and agricultural production.

“We have a very good partnership with Austria, and during the meeting, I expressed my gratitude for the support provided through the Austrian Development Agency (ADA), which is currently implementing 14 projects in areas such as rural development, infrastructure, agriculture, education, and environmental protection. In the Edinet district, with the support of ADA and the European Union, a water purification station will be constructed, benefiting schools, kindergartens, public institutions, businesses, and households in the area,” mentioned the head of the legislative body.


The officials also discussed Austria’s role as a strong ally of the Republic of Moldova in its reform efforts and aspirations for EU membership. Austria has supported the introduction of sanctions against those who destabilize the situation in Moldova. “We will continue to cooperate, through our institutions, to learn from Austria’s expertise and good governance practices,” stated the President of the Parliament.

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