The shootout at the Chisinau airport: people were evacuated, the police are working

On the evening of June 30, there was a shootout at the Chisinau International Airport. It is reported that the fire was opened by a foreigner who was banned from entering Moldova.

An unknown man fired at the border guard and barricaded himself in one of the premises. People were evacuated.

Police confirmed the shooting at the airport. It is specified that the last plane arrived from Turkey.

“Recently, an incident occurred at the Chisinau International Airport, during which a foreign citizen used a firearm who was not allowed to enter the territory of the Republic of Moldova. Authorities confirm information about two victims. The FULGER Special Forces Police Brigade is currently on the scene,” the police said.

Meanwhile, the press writes that we are talking about a citizen of the Russian Federation who arrived by plane from Turkey. According to unconfirmed information, the person who opened fire at the airport was a soldier from the Wagner PMC detachment.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs confirms the arrest of the shooter. He’s wounded.

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