Solidarity in Action: Ukraine and other seven non-EU countries join the sanctions for destabilizing Moldova

Ukraine and a series of countries aspiring to join the European Union have informed the EU Council of their intentions to align with the sanctions regime concerning attempts to destabilize the Republic of Moldova.

EU accession candidates Macedonia, Montenegro, Albania, Ukraine, and Bosnia and Herzegovina, along with EFTA countries Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway (members of the European Economic Area), are aligning themselves with the European Council’s decision to impose sanctions on individuals “involved in acts undermining the sovereignty and independence of the Republic of Moldova.”

These countries have pledged to ensure that their national policies align with the Council’s decision.

On June 28, Switzerland also adopted financial sanctions and travel restrictions against five individuals previously sanctioned by the EU in connection with the situation in the Republic of Moldova. The sanctioned individuals include Vladimir Plahotniuc, Ilan Șor, Marina Tauber, Gheorghe Cavcaliuc, and Igor Ceaika.


The joint stance taken by Ukraine, EU candidate countries, and EFTA states further reinforces the international response to actions that pose a threat to Moldova’s sovereignty and independence. By aligning their policies and joining the sanctions regime, these countries are sending a clear message of solidarity and support for the Republic of Moldova.

The decision reflects the determination of Ukraine and the candidate countries to actively contribute to the stability and security of the region, as well as their commitment to the principles of democracy, rule of law, and respect for territorial integrity.

The EU Council welcomes the collective effort of these countries in combating attempts to undermine Moldova’s sovereignty. The joint implementation of sanctions serves as a deterrent against any actions that seek to destabilize the country and reinforces the commitment to upholding international norms and values.

The Republic of Moldova has expressed its gratitude for the support and solidarity shown by its partners in the face of challenges. The international community’s united front against destabilizing forces contributes to the preservation of peace, security, and the rule of law in the region.

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