Igor Grosu on Romania’s National Day: The last two years have shown us who is a friend and who is not

The President of the Parliament, Igor Grosu, came with a congratulatory message in plenary for Romanians everywhere on Romania’s National Day. Grosu thanked our neighbors for their help over the years.

“Today, December 1, on Romania’s National Day, we thank dear Romania for friendship and for all the good things you have done and we will do them together. The last two years with crisis after crisis show us who is our true friend and who is not. And we say it every time out loud, not in a whisper like others did – Thank you Romania for the selfless support, for schools and kindergartens, for donations, for gas, for light, especially in this complicated period. Because we can practically manage to connect to Europe. We will continue to work so that the citizens on both banks of the Prut live in peace and well-being”, declared Igor Grosu.


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