Igor Grosu: The law on separatism will be voted on in the second reading

The Parliament will vote on the second reading of the amendment to the law, which provides for penalties for separatism. The statements were made on the show Rezoomat with Ileana Pîgaru, broadcast on RLIVE TV.

Grosu specified that, after the law enters into force, it will target people who create various structures, try to influence various institutions in Moldova, and work to the detriment of other states.


“We consider this appropriate, at least after 30 years of separatism, of subversive activity on the territory of the Republic of Moldova, of the fifth column, of groups that gather information about the activities of structures, that work for other capitals, to give a legal assessment. Obviously, we will vote. Those who feel targeted somehow, because they reacted, to draw conclusions. Through such adjustments to the Penal Code, let’s discourage them”, declared the President of the Legislature.

The changes to the law, which provide for penalties for separatism, were voted on in the first reading at the end of 2022. Grosu hesitated to say whether the new law would target officials from Gagauzia and Transnistria, noting that “it is not so important where I live in terms of geographical”.

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