Impressive Agricultural Growth: Moldova Sees a 27.5% Increase in Production

The total agricultural production in households of all categories increased by 27.5% (at comparable prices) in Moldova during January-September compared to the corresponding period in 2022. As reported by the National Bureau of Statistics to “INFOTAG,” crop production increased by 46.1%, while livestock production decreased by 4.2%.

According to preliminary estimates, the total harvest of cereal and leguminous crops (excluding corn) in households of all categories amounted to approximately 1802 thousand tons (76% more than in the same period of the previous year), of which the wheat harvest reached about 1515 thousand tons (77% more), barley – 238 thousand tons (80% more), leguminous crops – 37 thousand tons (41% more). Wheat production increased by 61.6% – up to 41.2 quintals per hectare, barley by 66.7% – 41 c/ha, sugar beets by 2.8 times – up to 385.4 c/ha, field vegetables by 30% – up to 166.8 c/ha.

In the livestock sector, the situation is much more complicated. The number of cattle decreased by 3.3%, totaling 104 thousand head, pigs – 369.6 thousand (-6.8%), sheep and goats – 570.2 thousand (-6.1%), domestic poultry (on agricultural farms) – 4.624 million (-5.5%).

As a result, meat production (in live weight) in all categories of farms from January to September, compared to the first nine months of 2022, decreased by 4.5% to 130 thousand tons, milk by 0.1% to 221.4 thousand tons, and eggs by 3.3% to 498 million pieces.


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