In May, Moldova will buy electricity at an average price of $ 66.7

The Republic of Moldova will buy electricity in May at an average price of $ 66.7. For May, 70 % of the electricity will be produced by MGE, and 30 % by Ukrhidroenergo (Ukraine). Andrei Spînu, the Minister of Infrastructure and Regional Development, announced about this.

“Moldova must diversify its sources of supply with energy resources. Unfortunately, the period we go through makes this process complicated and uncertain. Yesterday, Energocom announced about the signing of a contract for the delivery of 30 % of the electricity consumption from a Ukrainian company, ”announces Andrei Spînu.

However, the official stated that the tariff in the invoices for May will remain unchanged.

On April 29, Natalia Gavrilița announced that in May the Republic of Moldova will buy electricity from the Cuciurgan power station. At the same time, she said that the government is looking for lasting solutions regarding the purchase of electricity.

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