Two parliamentary committees from Moldova and Italy discussed issues related to European integration

Italy and the Republic of Moldova organized an international conference on the European integration of our country. Such a topic was discussed at the meeting of the members of the Foreign Policy and European Integration Committee of the Chisinau Parliament and those of the Committee on Foreign and Community Affairs of the Chamber of Deputies of the Italian Parliament, which took place today, May 12th, in online format.

The Chair of the Committee on Foreign Policy and European Integration, Doina Gherman, welcomed the initiative to hold a bilateral meeting of the two legislative committees and expressed her conviction for effective cooperation on this platform. The President of the Commission, Doina Gherman, mentioned that the Republic of Moldova will continue to provide the necessary support and social and educational assistance to refugees.

Doina Gherman mentioned that the process of completing the second questionnaire for accession to the European Union is practically completed, the first being successfully sent at the end of April.

“This means determination, it means that the Republic of Moldova is aware of the importance of this process and understands the unprecedented chance of our country to join the European Union,” said the President of the Commission.

The agenda of the talks focused on current issues, such as the security situation in the region and the management of the humanitarian crisis that our country is facing.

The Italian parliamentarians expressed their appreciation for the capacity of the Republic of Moldova to manage the refugee crisis and confirmed the commitment of the authorities to support this endeavor.

At the same time, the officials discussed the support of the European perspective of the Republic of Moldova in the context in which, at the beginning of March, our country submitted the application for EU membership.

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During the meeting, the officials also discussed the ratification by the Italian Parliament of the Agreement between the Republic of Moldova and the Italian Republic in the field of social security. The determination to stimulate interparliamentary contacts was expressed, especially on the platform of committees and friendship groups.

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