Internet Governance Forum in Moldova to Focus on Digital Resilience

The Moldova Internet Governance Forum (MIGF) will continue its discussions on April 27-28, 2023, both online and offline, on the FinTeh Hub Chișinău platform. The main theme of MIGF 2023 will be digital resilience.

This year, the Internet Governance Forum will host renowned speakers from Moldova and several other countries, including representatives of key state institutions, businesses, communities of technicians and experts, international and regional organizations.

MIGF participants will address global and national practices in internet use, including in crisis situations, issues related to resilience and security of digital infrastructure, cybersecurity priorities, ethical questions, and new challenges regarding human rights in the digital environment, the potential of the internet for national economic development, expanding internet access, digital innovations, and national strategies.

Anyone interested in discussing current internet governance issues through multilateral, transparent, and inclusive dialogue is invited to participate in the national initiative. MIGF supports open discussions to define a common approach to promoting the internet and managing the risks and challenges generated by its use and development.


The coordinator of MIGF, Alexei Marciuc, highlighted that, given the volatility and uncertainty in the region, digital preparedness and resilience are essential themes. According to him, Moldova today faces a series of unprecedented challenges in cyberspace.

“The main goal of MIGF 2023 is to strengthen open discussion with multiple stakeholders regarding digital resilience, continuity, and preparedness in times of crisis and the implications of major disruptions for the entire digital ecosystem in Moldova. The successful cultivation of digital resilience depends on ensuring participatory discussions with multiple stakeholders, resulting in agile strategic partnerships and coordinated policy, industry, and user responses,” emphasized Alexei Marciuc.

Over 200 participants, experts, and speakers from Moldova, Canada, the US, Belgium, the Netherlands, Romania, Ukraine, Georgia, Estonia, and other countries took part in the previous edition of MIGF. Valuable specialists from UN IGF, ICANN, Internet Society, RIPE NCC, SecDev Group, Google, Microsoft, and many others served as speakers.

All participants (whether attending the conference in person or virtually) must register via the online registration form. Follow updates and announcements on the website and on the Facebook and Twitter pages of the “Internet Community” Association, which is the neutral secretariat of the Moldova Internet Governance Forum.

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