Ioniță: We have a clear phenomenon of reducing the black economy

Moldovans increasingly choose to receive official salaries. Thus, we are observing a clear phenomenon of reduction of wages in the envelope, states the economic expert Veaceslav Ioniță. Until 2016, unofficial incomes dominated in the Republic of Moldova. However, the situation began to change in the following years.

“The good thing is that envelope wages are falling sharply. If before people said they received 22 percent of their salary in the envelope, nowadays we have less than 10 percent. We have a clear phenomenon of reducing salaries in the envelope, but it still persists”, declared Ioniță.


Official revenues in 2016 were at the level of 52.4 billion lei, and unofficial 52.8 billion, we practically reached a balance. All previous years the official income was much lower than the unofficial income.

“After 2017 the situation started to reverse due to two factors. The first is that remittances currently no longer play the role they played until 2012, 2013, 2014. They remain high, but compared to our salaries, they are much lower. And two would be that since 2017 we have eased the policy, the fiscal pressure on employees and tightened a little the tax evasion related to employees, which led to the decrease of the salary in the envelope”, the economic expert also stated.

The expert estimates that this year we will have 105 billion lei in official revenues, one third of which are in the form of pensions, and 76 billion lei are unofficial revenues.

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