The export of electricity from Moldova is prohibited starting from October 15

The Administrative Council of the National Agency for Energy Regulation (ANRE) approved a decision regarding the prohibition of the export of electricity from the Republic of Moldova during the state of alert on the electricity market.

Local producers of electricity made from renewable sources that do not benefit from a support scheme, following the ban on the export of electricity, will address the Î.C.S. “Premier Energy” S.R.L. and to. “FEE Nord” to conclude electricity purchase contracts.


These contracts will be negotiated and signed within 2 business days. The purchase price of these contracts will not exceed the lowest electricity price indicated in the contract that Ú.C.S. has. “Premier Energy” S.R.L. and to. “FEE Nord” with S.A. “Energocom”, in the context of the public service obligation to purchase electricity.

At the same time, H.S. “Moldelectrica” ​​was obliged not to validate the physical notifications of the participants in the electricity market from the Republic of Moldova regarding the declared export of electricity, taking into account the state of alert on the electricity market.

That ban was taken based on the provisions of the Law on Energy, the Law on Electricity and point 1 of the Provision of the Commission for Exceptional Situations no. 42 of October 13, 2022 and enters into force on the current October 15.

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