Is this a setback for Moldovans? Romania aims to amend its citizenship law to tackle fraud more effectively

Romania aims to amend certain provisions of its citizenship law to prevent fraudulent activity. Since October 2022, there have been suspicions of forgery in approximately 1000 files, according to Alina Gorghiu, the Minister of Justice in Bucharest.

The draft proposes digitizing the process of acquiring or regaining Romanian citizenship. The certificate will be replaced with an electronic card that includes the holder’s photograph, personal data, and fingerprints.


According to Alina Gorghiu, Bucharest plans to make the application process accessible starting in 2026. All applicants will be able to follow the examination stage of their file online, from Romania or abroad.

Citizenship files will be reviewed in the order they were submitted. According to the Ministry of Justice across the Prut, applicants must demonstrate their attachment to the supreme values of the Romanian state and know the Romanian language.

Another new feature is that the submitted documents must be original extracts from civil status documents issued no more than two years before the application for Romanian citizenship, whether it is for granting or regaining it.

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