Israeli IT company announces investment in Moldova

Today, a new important player enters the Moldovan technology market with the arrival of Israeli IT company Computech. Founded in 2000 by Avi Sofer, Computech is an international provider of technology solutions and services for companies, organizations, and institutions across various sectors.

With a focus on two main areas, Computech brings to Moldova its extensive experience and expertise in Microsoft infrastructure and end-to-end IT services. The Infrastructure Division of Microsoft provides consulting, implementation, and support for a range of Microsoft products and solutions, ensuring a stable and high-performance IT infrastructure. On the other hand, the end-to-end IT services division will offer customers a full range of services, from IT infrastructure management to outsourcing, ensuring the necessary flexibility and scalability.

With a team of around 40 IT professionals with extensive experience and expertise, Computech promises to make a significant contribution to the development of the IT sector in Moldova.

Computech will be present at the Cyber Forum tomorrow to present its offer in more detail and to enter into dialogue with the local community of IT specialists and entrepreneurs. Through this initiative, Computech shows its commitment to actively collaborate with local actors and contribute to the growth and innovation of the IT sector in Moldova.


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