Italy’s Generous Contribution: €10 Million Boosts Energy Efficiency in Moldova

Italy will grant the Republic of Moldova 10 million euros. With this money, smart meters will be installed in households facing high energy consumption, and several public buildings will receive investments in energy efficiency measures. These details were provided by representatives of the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Moldova.

On November 21, the Ministry of Energy in Chișinău announced that the Italian government would contribute 10 million euros to cover the energy expenses of the most vulnerable households in the current heating season and to support households and public institutions in becoming more energy-efficient.

“Thanks to the funding offered by the Italian government, smart meters will be installed in households facing high energy consumption and the burden of paying bills. This action will contribute to a more rational use of electricity, especially during peak hours. The collected data will be used to develop new energy efficiency policies. With the help of smart grids, consumers will have more options to choose from, being able to opt for flexible tariffs. Thus, they will be able to use electrical appliances during hours when energy is cheaper,” said representatives of the Ministry.

Energy Minister Victor Parlicov said that thanks to Italy’s support, “we will continue the digitization program of the energy sector by expanding the number of new generation meters that allow data retrieval remotely, in real-time, which represents the first step towards differentiated energy tariffs for us.”

“Also, thanks to Italy, we will be able to increase the number of public buildings that will benefit from investments in energy efficiency measures, so that the saved money can be redirected for other purposes. We pay about three times more for energy not because we have high tariffs, but because we have not invested in energy efficiency,” stated Parlicov.


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