Japanese Grant of 1.9 Million Euros Aids Moldovan Farmers in Fertilizer Support Initiative

The Government of Japan will provide the Republic of Moldova with non-repayable financial support in the amount of 1.9 million euros. Members of the External Policy and European Integration Commission have approved the report for initiating negotiations and approving the signing of a grant agreement.

The financial resources will be used for the implementation of the “Assistance to Farmers with Fertilizers” project. Financial support is necessary to aid small and medium-sized farmers who are affected by the rising costs of seed materials, fertilizers, pesticides, etc., as well as low prices for the finished product. Accordingly, the provision of the 1.9 million euro grant will alleviate the burden on small and medium-sized farmers impacted by the consequences of the war in Ukraine by offering cost-effective financial solutions for acquiring fertilizers.

The grant will be provided until March 31, 2024, but the period can be extended. After negotiations, the ratification of the Grant Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Moldova and the Government of Japan regarding the implementation of the “Assistance to Farmers with Fertilizers” Project will be proposed for adoption in the Parliament’s plenary session.


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