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The parliaments of the Republic of Moldova and România met in Chișinău. Members of the Legislature from both countries hold a joint meeting today, June 18th. Officials had begun the event with flower-laying at the monument to Stephen the Great and Saint. Later they went to the Palace of the Republic where the meeting would take place.

Maia Sandu was present at the opening of the joint sitting of the Parliaments of Romania and the Republic of Moldova. The President stated that the Moldovan-Romanian relations are the strongest we have had in the last 30 years.

Sandu spoke about the support that Romania offered to us, the war in Ukraine and Moldova’s accession to the European Union. In this context, the head of state asked the administration across the Prut to provide us with support in obtaining the status of a candidate country for integration.

In his speech, Igor Grosu reviewed the areas of support and development of Moldovan-Romanian relations. He pointed out that Romania has always had the courage to help our citizens.

The head of the Chisinau Legislature also spoke about the war in Ukraine, but also referred to the “bridges that unite us”. At the same time, according to him, Romania has defended and promoted over the years the cause of the Republic of Moldova among the institutions of the European Union, even if other states were skeptical in this regard.

“Romania will support the Republic of Moldova in the European course”, said the head of the senate in Bucharest, Florin Cîțu. He pointed out that the EU will closely monitor Chisinau’s achievements.

The Romanian official also mentioned that granting the status of candidate country will provide motivation for further reforms.

During the joint event, the Romanian Parliament supported the granting of the status of candidate country for EU accession for the Republic of Moldova. The statement was made during the joint sitting of the Parliament by the President of the Chamber of Deputies, Marcel Ciolacu.

The Romanian official pointed out that we are currently facing a unique historical moment. He reiterated that granting the statute will give us opportunities for development.

“There is still a lot of work to be done, a long way to go. But today you have the chance to take your destiny into your own hands and work every day for all the children born today to grow up in a truly European Republic of Moldova “, said Ciolacu.

The parliaments of Chisinau and Bucharest signed a declaration at the end of the joint sitting. The document also refers to the accession of the Republic of Moldova to the EU.

According to the document, parliamentarians welcome the excellent dynamics of bilateral dialogue and cooperation between the two banks of the Prut. They jointly undertake strategic bilateral projects, including in the field of energy and transport.

The joint sitting of the Parliaments of Chisinau and Bucharest ended with the signing of a Declaration on Bilateral Projects and the accession of the Republic of Moldova to the EU. Other than that, the President of the Parliament, Igor Grosu, the head of the Romanian Senate, Florin Cîțu and the leader of the Chamber of Deputies from across the Prut, Marcel Ciolacu, held a joint press-conference.

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The document signed today welcomes the bilateral cooperation between the authorities of the two states. According to him, several joint initiatives are to be consolidated, for which both parties assume responsibility.

The organization of the meeting was announced on June 6th, during a joint press conference held by the President of the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova, Igor Grosu, and the President of the Chamber of Deputies of the Romanian Parliament, Marcel Ciolacu, visiting Chisinau.

Both events, the meeting and the press conference, were fully broadcasted live and can be found on and RLive TV.

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