Killnet hackers continuously attacks Moldovan Inf. Syst.

Several attempted cyber attacks took place in Moldova during 72 hours by the Killnet hackers. According to the Information Technology and Cyber Security Service (STISC), information systems of state importance are targeted.

A lot of informational systems (more precisely 80), platforms and public portals became the target, the impact on their operation being limited. Officials say hackers are continually adapting to the response measures taken.

Attacks increase during the day and decrease at night, and attempts to compromise systems have been reported to law enforcement agencies, the Service notes. Those in charge also specify that the objective of the actions is to cause the unavailability of the state’s informational resources by sending a large number of connection requests or a large volume of data, in order to overload them.


The actions are carried out from outside the Republic of Moldova, from IP addresses located in different countries, from compromised equipment and networks – a typical situation for such cyber incidents. Previously, the Killnet hacker group warned Moldova that it would take such actions.

Killnet was previously involved in attacks on information resources in the Czech Republic, Italy, Romania, Lithuania, the USA, but also institutions in other countries.

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