The price of gas has skyrocketed! What can this mean for Moldova?

The spot price of natural gas at the TTf hub reached $3100 per thousand cubic meters.

The Republic of Moldova is threatened by the gas crisis, because the Russian concern Gazprom can terminate the contract due to non-compliance with the deadline for the audit of historical debts of 709 million USD.

The price of gas purchased by the Republic of Moldova increases from one month to the next. For the month of August the stable price is 1459 USD per thousand cubic meters, and for the month of September the forecasted price is 1692 USD.


The population currently pays a tariff of 23 lei per cubic meter, but Moldovagaz says that this does not cover the cost of imported gas and has led to the creation of financial deviations of one billion dollars, and at the end of 2022 the amount could increase to 3.9 billion lei.

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