Klaus Iohannis on the potential invasion of Russia in the Republic of Moldova

“We have no such information.” This is how the President of Romania, Klaus Iohannis, commented if Bucharest knows anything about a potential attack by the Russian Federation on the Republic of Moldova, as the Moldovan director of the Intelligence and Security Service (SIS), Alexandru Musteata, expressed recently.

The Romanian press asked Iohannis if Romania has such information, made public by Alexandru Musteata, that Russia would intend, at the beginning of January, a new invasion in the North of Ukraine, to reach the Republic of Moldova, and what it would mean for Romania.

The Romanian president replied succinctly: We do not have such information, without further clarification.

We specify that in his last public appearance on December 19, the director of the SIS stated that the Intelligence and Security Service has information that the objective of the Russian Federation is to create a land corridor to the Transnistrian region, and this will take place within of a new Russian offensive in early 2023.

Later, the SIS came up with a clarification, which indicated that these plans of Russia had been known since the beginning of the war. Still, in 2023 the Russian army would not attack Moldova but would reach the border of our country, according to the information held by SIS.


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