“La Castel” Landscape Reserve: Where Legends and Nature Converge

The Castel Gorge, located above the Racovăț River valley, near the village of Gordinești, is a unique place. It is a natural wonder inherited by us thanks to multimillion-year-old deposits. Here you can discover eye-catching landscapes, as well as rich flora and fauna. Although, the most remarkable aspect is hearing the local legends associated with this place from the natives.


The name itself leads us to believe in the existence of a castle. From the castle, only the towering cliffs and memories of a beautiful girl imprisoned within its walls remain. The girl’s parents were against her engagement to her beloved, so he decided to hide her from them in the castle. On a clear day, as the castle owner was returning from a hunt, a mountain celebration day, something happened in the Earth’s crust, and the castle disappeared underground. No beautiful young girl, no master, no castle remained. Only the legend survived, along with the river that flows gracefully among the rocks of this place.

The Castel Landscape Protection Area covers a stretch of 5 km along the Rakovăț River valley. It is a typical natural landscape where you can observe limestone formations resembling reefs. These chains of limestone reefs are divided by karstic relief forms in the shape of crater caves. They have appeared under the influence of weathering, erosion, wind, and karst processes. Many springs with crystalline water flow from the rocks. The rocky shores are covered with oak trees, wild cherries, wild pears, field maple, buckthorn (Rhamnus cathartica), bird cherry, hawthorn, and more.

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