Landmark in Moldova: NATO DCB Representatives’ Meeting, Attended by Defense Minister

For the first time, the Annual Meeting of the National Contact Points of the Defense Capacity Building Initiative (DCBI) within NATO is taking place in the Republic of Moldova. The opening of the event was attended by the Moldovan Minister of Defense, Anatolie Nosatîi.

“Our strategic objective is the development of the defense capabilities of the Republic of Moldova in accordance with Western standards, and the support of external partners is essential in achieving this goal,” stated a message posted on Anatolie Nosatîi’s Facebook page.

The official recalled that in February of this year, at the request of the Republic of Moldova and the decision of the NATO Defense Ministers’ meeting in Brussels, the DCBI Package was expanded from 12 to 18 initiatives.


“This represents an important step in achieving the goal of modernizing the National Army and strengthening the defense capabilities of our state. Therefore, I thanked our partners and allied countries for their support and responsiveness,” the message from Anatolie Nosatîi further states.

The document envisions increasing cooperation to strengthen the resilience of national institutions against new challenges and hybrid threats, including promoting strategic communication and public diplomacy to counter disinformation.

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