Last Moldovan who survived the siege of Leningrad, visited by Maia Sandu

Evghenia Pancischina, the last Moldovan survivor of the siege of Leningrad during World War II, was visited by president Maia Sandu, who offered the woman her gratitude.

Sandu thanked her for the lives saved during World War II, as she treated wounded soldiers in a hospital near Leningrad during the war.

“Today, before May 9, I visited the veteran Evghenia Pancischina to thank her for the lives she saved during World War II. Mrs. Evghenia was born in Chisinau, graduated from the “Queen Maria” Girls’ High School, and after medical school, went to the front, where she treated the wounded soldiers in a hospital near Leningrad. After the war, she worked as a nurse at the Maternity Hospital no. 2 in Chisinau and at the Mother and Child Center. Hundreds of Moldovan families know and respect her. She has two children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. On May 9, we will commemorate the victims of World War II by marking the sacrifice and dedication of veterans. For them, honoring the work and courage of those like Mrs. Evghenia, the last survivor of the siege of Leningrad in Moldova, we have the obligation to keep the peace “, Maia Sandu has written on a social network.

This September, Evghenia Pancișchina will turn 100 years old.

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