Lilian Carp on the privatization of Moldtelecom: There is no approved list! It is a strategic enterprise!

There is no decision on the privatization of Moldtelecom yet! The assurances were given by the chairman of the parliamentary national security committee, Lilian Carp, during the program “Rezoomat.” The MP stated that Moldtelecom has been included in a list of potential targets for privatization or reorganization, but no decision has been made yet. Lilian Carp stressed that Moldtelecom is a strategic enterprise, and any potential privatization should be approached with caution.

“Mr Cojocari (n.r., the director of the Public Property Agency) said it was discussed at AmCham ( American Chamber of Commerce in Moldova). AmCham inquired about the possibility of a hypothetical list of targets that could be subject to privatization. There is no approved list. No decision has been made regarding the privatization of any state-owned enterprise. Several companies are listed for which investors could be sought. Moldtelecom is a strategic enterprise and the main internet provider. It is important to carefully choose partners in this context. For me, it is as strategic an enterprise as Franzeluta and other enterprises, and only Parliament can approve whether this enterprise can be privatized. Partners can be sought as shares can be sold, with the state and investor each holding a share of the investment. But no decision is taken,” Lilian Carp said during the “Rezoomat” program.

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