The government has appointed a new Secretary of State for the Foreign Office: what is known about him?

At a government meeting on February 7, the government appointed a new state secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), headed by Mihai Popsoi. The Cabinet approved the candidacy of former Moldovan Ambassador to Lithuania Sergiu Mihov.

“Sergiu Mihov is a professional diplomat, now he heads the Foreign Ministry’s bilateral relations department. He was Moldova’s ambassador to Lithuania. He has a great experience and an impeccable professional reputation,” Popsoi said at the cabinet meeting.

The Foreign Ministry’s press service said it was a coincidence that the new official took office the day after the resignation of another state secretary.


The Foreign Ministry also noted that Mihov has built a diplomatic career, having worked at the ministry since 1998. He served as Moldova’s ambassador to Lithuania from 2018 to 2022.

On February 6, the government approved the resignation of the state secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Stella Leuca.

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