Lithuanian Parliamentary Delegation to Visit Moldova for Bilateral Talks

A delegation from the Friendship Group with our country within the Lithuanian Parliament is set to embark on a visit to the Republic of Moldova from July 24th to 26th. The delegation, representing the Lithuanian Seimas, consists of Žygimantas Pavilionis, Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee; Kazys Starkevičius, Chairman of the Economics Committee; and Valentinas Bukauskas, Vice Chairman of the Committee on State Administration and Local Authorities.

During their visit, Lithuanian officials will hold meetings with Moldovan leaders, including President Maia Sandu, Parliament President Igor Grosu, and Prime Minister Dorin Recean. The agenda of the visit also includes discussions with Doina Gherman, Chairwoman of the Foreign Policy and European Integration Commission; Valentina Manic, Vice Chairwoman of the Economy, Budget, and Finance Commission; as well as members of the parliamentary Friendship Group with the Republic of Lithuania. The delegation will also engage in talks at the Government with Deputy Prime Ministers Nicu Popescu, Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration, and Vladimir Bolea, Minister of Agriculture and Food Industry.

Various current topics will be addressed during these discussions, focusing on Moldova’s reform agenda, the country’s European integration path, and opportunities to enhance Moldovan-Lithuanian relations in key areas.

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The visit comes at a crucial time for both nations as they seek to strengthen ties and promote cooperation in areas of mutual interest. Discussions on economic collaboration, regional security, and cultural exchanges are expected to be among the main points of the agenda.

Lithuania has been a steadfast supporter of Moldova’s European aspirations, and this visit marks another significant step in fostering bilateral relations between the two countries. The delegation’s presence is a testament to Lithuania’s commitment to deepening its partnership with Moldova and reaffirms the importance of diplomatic dialogue in addressing shared challenges and seizing opportunities for growth and development.

Both sides are optimistic that this visit will yield tangible outcomes and contribute to the further consolidation of the already warm and friendly relations between Lithuania and Moldova. As the delegations engage in productive discussions, they hope to chart a path for increased collaboration and mutual benefit, fostering stability and prosperity in the region.

The Moldovan authorities warmly welcome the Lithuanian delegation and look forward to fruitful exchanges that will undoubtedly enhance cooperation and friendship between the two nations.

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