Maia Sandu considers Romania as the lifebuoy for Moldova and its European path

“If Romania stopped providing its assistance, as a leader of a parliamentary party from Bucharest requested, then the Republic of Moldova would cease to be part of the free world.” The statement was made by the president of Moldova, Maia Sandu, during an interview for RFI Romania.

Maia Sandu declared that, for the Republic of Moldova, the war in Ukraine is a threat to “its freedom, democracy, and its European path”.

“I have heard several times voices from Moscow saying that they want to restore the Soviet Union there. This directly affects us. We do not want to go back to the Soviet Union. We want to live in a free society, in a democratic country. The Republic of Moldova is also a vulnerable country from an energy point of view, because in the three decades of independence very little has been done to create alternatives for the supply of energy resources. It was possible to build the gas pipeline Iasi – Chisinau, but it was not even possible to identify alternative suppliers”, said Sandu.

On the electricity supply side, the head of state says that “things are even worse”.

“We have no direct connection with Romania. High-voltage lines pass through the territory of Ukraine. We see that every time the electricity network of Ukraine is bombed, we have disconnections of the electric current in the Republic of Moldova. Moreover, these power lines pass through Transnistria. Transnistria can cut off the electricity on the right bank whenever it wants. We are now trying to eliminate this energy vulnerability, but we need time. There are projects that will be realized in the next few years. We are vulnerable in the security sector and this is very clear to all. We have an economy that is very affected by the war and that was not very strong even before the war. We recognize this. It is now substantially impaired. If this war lasts the pressure on our economy will increase and it will be more and more difficult. I don’t think anyone can say very clearly when the war will end”, concluded Sandu.


Maia Sandu’s statements come shortly after, on December 2, the president of the Alliance for the Union of Romanians, the Romanian deputy, George Simion, declared that “Romania no longer has to finance” the Government of Chisinau, if “unification” is to be achieved. Because, now, through these financings, Romania is doing nothing other than “financing Moldovan separatism”.

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