Natalia Gavrilița: Accession to the EU is a guarantee for Moldova’s security

The priorities and perspectives of the Republic of Moldova on the way to join the EU were discussed on Tuesday at the annual European Integration Forum. Natalia Gavrilița declared that entering the community represents security guarantees for the Republic of Moldova.

According to her, the granting of candidate state status demonstrates the irreversibility of Moldova’s transformation “into a modern, prosperous, well-governed European state, with a resilient economy and an independent judiciary.” According to the Head of the Government, Moldova is currently facing a series of challenges, including hybrid warfare, incitement to destabilization, the use of energy as a weapon, and misinformation regarding the benefits of joining the EU.

The Prime Minister also supports the European Political Platform, stating that it is important to capitalize on platforms complementary to the integration process. According to her, the community summit will be hosted by Moldova in 2023. Gavrilița also referred to the war in Ukraine, declaring that, the absence of “security umbrellas”, makes our country vulnerable.


“We see in the future accession to the European Union an additional guarantee for the security of our country. At the same time, it will be much easier for us to fight corruption and crime when we fully benefit from the tools offered by police cooperation or when we can issue European arrest warrants, thus limiting the possibility of thieves evading responsibility. Until then, however, we will have to take quick steps – expected by the people of the Republic of Moldova – to rebuild the rule of law and bring the law back to the head of the table. Our country is at a historical crossroads. It is our duty to use this chance and I am fully convinced that working together, we will succeed!”, declared the head of the Cabinet of Ministers.

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