Maia Sandu has a plan in order to bring back fugitives from faraway jurisdictions who betrayed Moldova

The Republic of Moldova would have the intention of organizing an international forum, where the representatives of jurisdictions from the “less cooperative” states with our country would be invited, in the process of returning the assets and money stolen by the politicians, who hide from justice in these countries. At least this is what the president of the country, Maia Sandu, made clear in an interview given to the Romanian media.

Maia Sandu was asked how a small country like Moldova can return the “fugitives”, who looted banks and stole state assets, and now have become powerful states. In response, the head of state said that “we depend on the jurisdiction of these countries”.

“We depend on the jurisdictions of these countries. We were happy to see that at least two of Moldova’s big corrupt have been sanctioned by the US and more recently by the UK. It is an important step. Their inclusion in this list of sanctions makes it more difficult to use the money stolen from the citizens of the Republic of Moldova and still used against the citizens today. But that is not enough. It is important to have a better collaboration with the countries where these big corrupt people are now so that we can bring them to the country and they can appear before justice. There are jurisdictions that cooperate and there are jurisdictions that are less cooperative. In the fight against corruption, we have the support of the United States, we have a good collaboration with France, and we have a very good collaboration with Romania. I hope that we will be able to advance in the collaboration with Great Britain. But there are also less cooperative jurisdictions. Maybe we will hold an international forum on the subject of the recovery of goods and resources stolen from the Republic of Moldova so that we can bring all the jurisdictions and have an honest discussion there with those who help us and those who don’t,” said the President.


Maia Sandu stated that this might “help us move faster”.

“Meanwhile, it’s important what happens at home, how strong our Prosecutor’s Office is. We started reforms there. On the one hand, we have to carry out the reforms and at the same time, we have to succeed in making progress on these investigations, and major corruption cases. People expect results and these results must be delivered”, added Sandu.

At the same time, Maia Sandu also provided some details on how the “Magnitski law” will work, which is to reach the legislative procedure by the end of the current year.

The “Magnitsky Act” is the response to the sanctions imposed by the United States. In order to translate the provisions of these sanctions into our national legislation, we need a legal framework. Now, the Ministry of Justice is working on this law. I saw that they promised to send it to Parliament by the end of this year. But, in a practical way, in order to be able to implement the provisions of the American legislation and not only in relation to those sanctioned, but we must also have our own legislation. This law will allow this. Without this law, sanctions imposed by foreign states have been blocked against those being investigated. This law will expand the possibilities of law enforcement agencies to intervene and confiscate the assets of those sanctioned”, concluded Maia Sandu.

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