Maia Sandu questions the agreement with Tiraspol signed by the cabinet

Maia Sandu wants to discuss with the Government about the way the he contract with Tiraspol was negotiated, regarding the delivery of gas to the left of the Dniester and the sale of electricity for the right bank. The statement was made in the TVR Moldova studio, the head of state specifying that she will address the subject with the ministers “at the first opportunity”.

She referred to the price we pay to the Cuciurgan plant for electricity. She reiterated the idea that the Executive must explain things in a way that people can understand.


“Even if we were able to buy part of the necessary energy from Romania, at a normal price, we had to buy another part on the market and prices on the market are volatile. The increase in the price for a certain quantity leads to the increase in the tariff and has an impact on the population. Buying electricity at a lower price is in our favor. If you ask me about this transaction, I did not participate in the negotiations. I have some questions about the conditions under which this contract was signed. I will talk to the Government at the first opportunity. And it was not a prompt communication, which explained things from the start, leaving no room for interpretation, for accusation. The government, as I wrote, must communicate promptly and provide sufficient clarity, because energy security is an important topic,” says the president.

Sandu pointed out that he did not personally discuss the subject with external partners. This, however, was approached by Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Spînu, according to the President.

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