Exports increased by almost 50%! In which countries did the Moldovan goods arrive?

In January-October 2022, exports of goods totaled 3.6 billion dollars, a value higher by 47.8%, compared to that recorded in the corresponding period of 2021, according to data from the National Bureau of Statistics, writes Bani.md.

Exports of goods and products in the EU totaled 2.1 billion dollars, and in the CIS – 828 million dollars.

In January-October 2022, the main destination countries of goods exports were: Romania (28.5% of total exports), Ukraine (15.5%), Italy (7.9%), Turkey (7.5%) , Germany (5.4%), Russian Federation (4.6%).


By category of goods, significant weights were given to the following groups of goods:

  • electrical machines and appliances and their parts (12.3%);
  • petroleum, petroleum products and related products (12.1%);
  • cereals and cereal-based preparations (11.2%);
  • seeds and oleaginous fruits (9.7%);
  • fixed crude, refined or fractionated vegetable fats and oils (8.9%).

In January-October 2022, compared to the corresponding period in 2021 (Appendix 6), exports of oil, oil products and related products increased (by 30.6 times, due to the increase in deliveries (re-exports) to Ukraine, by 42, 1 times), fixed vegetable fats and oils, crude, refined or fractionated (4.4 times), oleaginous seeds and fruits (1.9 times), cereals and preparations based on cereals (+50.1%), vegetables and fruits (+18.5%).

Regarding imports, their value in January – October amounted to 7.4 billion dollars. Goods in the amount of 3.4 billion dollars were imported from the EU, and 1.8 billion dollars from the CIS.

The considerable gap between exports and imports of goods determined the accumulation, in January-October 2022, of a deficit of the trade balance in the amount of 3.8 billion dollars.

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