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Imports to Moldova down 7.5% in the first two months of 2024

The National Bureau of Statistics has provided data indicating a 7.5% decline in imports into the Republic of Moldova between January and February 2024 in comparison to the same period of the...

No quotas, no duties, just trade: The EU proposes to extend full trade liberalization to all Moldovan imports

The EU proposes to extend full trade liberalisation to all Moldovan imports into the EU and renew for another year. The Commission has proposed today to renew and expand the suspension of import duties and quotas on Moldovan exports to the European Union – known as Autonomous Trade Measures (ATMs) – for another year. The proposal would renew the current suspension of import duties on Moldovan exports to the EU for another year and extend this suspension to all remaining tariffs and tariff rate quotas on Moldovan imports. This is a clear signal of EU's full support for Moldova's economy and helps further alleviate the difficult situation faced by Moldovan producers and exporters because of Russia's unprovoked and unjustified military aggression against Ukraine.

Exports increased by almost 50%! In which countries did the Moldovan goods arrive?

In January-October 2022, exports of goods totaled 3.6 billion dollars, a value higher by 47.8%, compared to that recorded in the corresponding period of 2021, according to data from the National Bureau...


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