Maia Sandu on Moldova’s EU Integration and Defying Russian Pressures: Exclusive Interview

Republic of Moldova will integrate into the EU by 2030, stated the President of Moldova, Maia Sandu, in an exclusive interview for the Romanian portal The head of state also discussed Russia’s pressures on Moldova, her decision to run for a second term, and the war in Ukraine, emphasizing the importance of supporting Kyiv.

“I will seek the support of citizens for a new term because together we have an important mission: to ensure the irreversibility of the European path of the Republic of Moldova. And I believe that we all have a duty here in Moldova to complete this mission and to seize this opportunity. It’s an opportunity. We have the support of the member states of the European Union; we have a lot of work here at home, but it’s an opportunity that I want us to use,” stated Maia Sandu for


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