Maia Sandu proposes solutions to fight inflation

The solution to deal with the record inflation that is registered in our country is to increase the income of the citizens, said President Maia Sandu. According to the head of state, the Republic of Moldova cannot influence the price of energy resources, which inevitably leads to higher prices for products and services. Maia Sandu says that the Government is already preparing a compensation program for the cold period of the year, which will be intended for people with low incomes.

President Maia Sandu says that the total dependence of the Republic of Moldova on imported energy resources determines the high rate of inflation, informs

The head of state says that there are no premises that would attest to a decrease in prices on the international market, in the conditions of prolonging the war in Ukraine.

Maia Sandu says that the only solution to cope with the rapidly rising prices is to increase the income of the population. The head of state says that the natural gas compensation program applied during the cold period of the year will be revised, and only those with modest incomes will benefit from the aid.

“Inflation is higher in the Republic of Moldova because the consumption of energy resources in our budget, as a share, is much higher than the consumption of energy resources in the budget of a citizen of a European country. The share of food consumption is higher than in other countries. This is about our poverty. Because low-income people spend only on utilities and food. Because we cannot control external prices, the only solution is to increase citizens’ incomes. This is what the government has to do. Provide compensation to low-income people. The Ministry of Labor and Social Protection is working on a targeted mechanism, so that it does not happen like last winter when everyone received compensation”, said Maia Sandu.

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The institutions that should control the rise in prices are the National Bank and the Competition Council, says the president. Also, according to the head of state, the prices of socially important products will be monitored, in order to discourage any unjustified increase.

Recently, on the recommendation of the Supreme Security Council, Parliament set up a special committee to examine the decision-making process on inflation control and monetary policy over the last 18 months.

The commission is made up only of members of the PAS faction, as the parliamentary opposition has not delegated any representatives to the committee.

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