Maia Sandu responds to Lavrov: Russia is not in a position to teach us democracy

Maia Sandu responded to the accusations made by Sergey Lavrov, that Moldova is going to become the next Ukraine, and the authorities are leading it towards NATO and union with Romania. The president pointed out in the TVR Moldova studio that Moscow “is not in a position to give us democracy lessons”.

“My advice to them is to look at international rankings when it comes to democratic values and how countries rank in these rankings. Otherwise, our actions are aimed at strengthening democracy, at strengthening state institutions so that state institutions can protect citizens. We are in a complicated situation and we need to strengthen our security sector and the defense sector as well”, said Maia Sandu, specifying that the union will only be done with the consent of the citizens on the two banks of the Prut.

According to the president, the concept of unification is used by pro-Russian forces to scare citizens. According to her, the authorities are trying to maintain “peace and tranquility”


On Wednesday, Serghei Lavrov spoke about anticipated events in Chisinau. He mentioned that our country would be used for anti-Russian purposes, and the Kremlin cannot remain indifferent to this process.

“The politicians who have now taken power in this country and who, by and large, have declared their desire to join the European Union, and are almost reuniting with Romania, or even asking NATO to provide them with security, these politicians still do not reflect the interests of the citizens there. The organization of early elections is requested, this is an internal matter of the Republic of Moldova, but we do not like that this friendly country is used for anti-Russian purposes”, said the Russian minister on Wednesday.

Earlier, in an interview, the head of Russian diplomacy personally accused Sandu of wanting to unite with Romania and bring Moldova into NATO.

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