The EU reminds Dorin Recean of its expectations

The EU welcomes the quick appointment of the Prime Minister, Mr. Dorin Recean, and the appointment of the new Government today, writes the head of the EU Delegation in Chisinau, Janis Mazeiks, in a post on the official Facebook account on Thursday evening, February 16.

“We look forward to working closely with the new Government in stepping up efforts on key reforms, especially in the justice and financial sectors and in the fight against corruption, in the interest of all Moldovans and in line with the nine steps that the Republic of Moldova must address to further progress on the path of enlargement”, the diplomat recalled.

Last but not least, Janis Mazeiks thanked Natalia Gavrilița.

“At the same time, we want to thank the incumbent Prime Minister, Natalia Gavrilița, for her skills in leading the Government through a series of unprecedented crises. He led the Government to the status of a successful EU candidate country”.


The Recean government obtained a vote of confidence in Parliament from 62 deputies, i.e. the parliamentary majority. It happened on Thursday, February 16 this year. Also on Thursday, he took the oath with his team at the Presidency.

In the new Government, there are four positions of Deputy Prime Ministers. As in the previous executive, there is the position of deputy prime minister for reintegration, which is retained by Oleg Serebrian, and the position of deputy prime minister exercised by the minister of foreign affairs and European integration, Nicu Popescu. Vladimir Bolea, Minister of Agriculture and Food Industry, and Dumitru Alaiba, Minister of Economic Development and Digitalization, also become Deputy Prime Ministers. In the Recean Cabinet, the minister of internal affairs, Ana Revenco, the minister of defense, Anatolie Nosatîi, the minister of the environment, Iordanca-Rodica Iordanov, the minister of labor and social protection, Alexei Buzu, the minister of education and research, Anatolie Topală, the minister of health, Ala Nemerenco, keep their portfolios. and the Minister of Culture, Sergiu Prodan.

The new position of Minister of Finance is named Veronica Sirețeanu, and the position of Minister of Justice, Veronica Mihailov-Moraru. Lilia Dabija becomes Minister of Infrastructure and Regional Development. In the new Government, a new ministry was created, that of energy, which will be led by Victor Parlicov.

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