Maia Sandu: Russia is using people’s grievances to destabilize the Government in Chisinau

Russia is using people’s discontent against the backdrop of huge price increases to destabilize the Government in Chisinau. The president of the Republic of Moldova made such a statement to Digi24 from Romania, in an interview given today, during her visit to Bucharest.

Maia Sandu says that the secret services from Moscow, together with the pro-Russian parties in the Republic of Moldova, are behind the recent protests.

“It is not new for us. This list that appeared on the subject of sanctions is yet another proof. We have evidence about the coalition of the corrupt groups that stole a lot of money from the Republic of Moldova and the secret services of Russia, the pro-Russian parties in the Republic of Moldova, which have the same goal – the destabilization of the Republic of Moldova. They take advantage of citizens’ grievances. We are determined to defend democracy”, said Maia Sandu.


We remind you that, today, November 1, in Bucharest, at the conference “Parliamentary women from Romania and the promotion of gender equality as a national commitment”, the President of the Parliament, Igor Grosu, and the President of the country, Maia Sandu, each gave a speech in front of the Senate deputies Romania.

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