Maia Sandu: The dialogue with Gagauzia’s local representatives is significant for regional advancement

According to the presidential press service, during her working visit to Comrat, President Maia Sandu convened with mayors and representatives of local public authorities from the principal cities of the Gagauz Autonomy, namely Comrat, Ceadir-Lunga, and Vulkanesti.

Emphasizing the significance of dialogue with local representatives for regional advancement, the head of state underscored that since 2020, the government, in collaboration with the Gagauzia Regional Development Agency, has implemented four projects amounting to approximately 18 million lei, with an additional eight projects totaling 87 million lei currently underway. Furthermore, through the European Village Programme, 19 localities have secured projects exceeding 73 million lei in value.

Additionally, the President highlighted the potential for modernizing villages and towns in each region in partnership with local administrations, aiming to enhance the well-being of all citizens.


Yesterday, President Sandu engaged in discussions with the rector and professors of Comrat State University and participated in a public lecture on the European trajectory of the Republic of Moldova. The full speech can be accessed here.

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