Maria Zaharova on “Eurocolonisation” and Mihai Popshoy’s response about the CIS

“Moldova’s pre-sale preparation for NATO standards is being carried out by Chisinau on a systematic basis,” Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zaharova said at a recent press conference. “We continue to monitor the situation. We see the leadership in Chisinau making sudden decisions regarding the promotion of European integration, which in Moldova is increasingly referred to as Euroconsolidation. They use everything from lies to outright forgery. The EU is a deeply ideological bloc. He obeys the confrontational objectives of the USA and NATO, rudely imposes its rules on other countries in violation of the fundamental principles of the UN Charter on the sovereign equality of states and everything that was adopted and in which Moldova participates, for example, within the OSCE,” Zaharova stressed.

A Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman commented on statements by Mihai Popsoi, head of the Foreign Ministry, that “Russia created the CIS in order to limit the independence of the states of the former Soviet Union”.Zaharova noted that the organization is constantly developing in political, economic, defense, cultural, and social spheres, taking into account the interests of all members.

“In the CIS, compared to the EU and NATO, no one imposes anything on anyone. Mechanisms have been created so that each state could defend its interests,” Zaharova said.


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