“This is an example of suppression of dissent by the regime”: Maia Sandu and Andrei Spinu commented on Navalnii’s death

“The death of Alexei Navalnii in a Russian prison is a stark reminder of the regime’s appalling suppression of dissent.” This is how President Maia Sandu commented on the information about the death of the Russian oppositionist.

“My sincere thoughts go out to his family, to all democratically minded Russians, and to those who bravely fight for freedom and democracy in Russia and abroad,” President Maia Sandu wrote.

The head of the Ministry of Infrastructure, Andrei Spinu, also spoke out in this regard:

“Alexei Navalnii has been murdered. In life, we always hear that we should learn from the mistakes of history and not repeat them. Today we need to learn the lessons of the present, the lessons of the people who gave their lives for freedom and democracy. Thank you, Alexei Navalnii!”.

We shall remind you that on 16 February, the Federal Penitentiary Service spread the news about the death of opposition activist Alexei Navalnii. He reportedly felt ill after the walk, passing out almost immediately. According to one version, Navalnii suffered a blood clot.


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