VIDEO Will the PAS have its candidate in the presidential elections? Answer by Igor Grosu

Will the PAS nominate its presidential candidate in the upcoming elections? Speaker of Parliament Igor Grosu answered this question in the program “Cutia Niagra.”

“Of course, we will have our candidate. We will support the candidate who, in our opinion, deserves it. Candidate who will continue the process of European integration. We will announce it additionally,” said the Speaker of Parliament.

From the assumption that the formation would support the candidacy of Maia Sandu, Grosu did not refuse.


“I think it’s clear to everyone: both friends and foes. But, when we get closer to the election campaign, we will make the necessary statements, including the support of our candidate. We will create a headquarters, make the necessary decisions, and discuss the issue within the party. Everything will be transparent,” the PAS leader said.

Last December, President Maia Sandu announced her decision to run in the presidential elections, which will be held this fall. She also announced plans to initiate a referendum on EU accession simultaneously.

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