Mass Return of Moldovan Citizens from Israel Amid Evacuation Efforts

Another 357 Moldovan citizens in Israel returned to the Republic of Moldova on October 16-17, as announced by the government spokesperson, Daniel Vodă. He specified that during the same period, 162 individuals chose to return to Israel.

“The authorities continue to engage in constant negotiations and ongoing dialogue with international partners regarding the evacuation of our citizens from the Gaza Strip, a highly important and volatile matter given the security situation in the region. With the opening of the evacuation corridor, our country’s consular officer assigned for this purpose in Egypt is ready to release documents to our compatriots there. We have about 50 Moldovan citizens in the Gaza Strip who have requested assistance, including evacuation, out of approximately 100 registered in that area,” stated Daniel Vodă.

In total, from October 7th until now, 1,204 citizens of the Republic of Moldova have returned home through regular flights, while 415 Moldovan citizens have departed for Tel Aviv.


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