Strengthening Democracy and EU Integration: Moldova’s Resilient Journey

In a recent address, Moldova’s President Maia Sandu underscored the significance of Moldova’s accession to the European Union (EU) and the invaluable support from European nations. She described the move as essential not only for political reasons but also as the sole means to safeguard the nation’s freedom, peace, and democracy.

President Sandu delivered her remarks, stating, “Moldova’s EU membership is more than just a political choice; it is the only way to protect our freedom, peace, and democracy. It is also an investment in the collective security of Europe.”

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She emphasized the crucial role played by the Moldova Support Platform, an initiative by Romania, Germany, and France, which aims to offer political, financial, and material assistance, along with in-depth expertise for the democratic reform process in Moldova. In her address, President Sandu expressed her gratitude to these countries for their unwavering support during times of crisis.

The President acknowledged the continued challenges Moldova faces, but she expressed optimism about the nation’s increasing resilience. “In many ways, we are better prepared than we were almost a year ago when we last met in Paris. We are now better equipped to face the challenges ahead,” she noted.


President Sandu lauded the success in countering Russia’s energy blackmail and underlined the nation’s strengthened infrastructure, capable of receiving gas from various sources. She also highlighted the improved energy security measures in place, which protect vulnerable citizens from high energy prices.

The President spoke about ambitious plans for economic recovery, mitigating the negative impacts of the ongoing conflict, and preparing for Moldova’s EU accession. “We are constructing new electricity lines in partnership with Romania and setting ambitious investment goals in renewable energy sources,” she stated.

Furthermore, President Sandu emphasized the importance of Moldova’s commitment to strengthening its democratic and social resilience by implementing reforms in the justice system and combating corruption. Each of these initiatives, she declared, contributes to a stronger and more hopeful Moldova.

In closing, President Sandu reiterated the nation’s determination to join the EU by 2030, and her hope that the EU will welcome this development. She concluded her address by reaffirming Moldova’s commitment to building a peaceful and prosperous future for its citizens.

The Moldovan President’s message, which highlighted the critical role of the EU accession and the invaluable support from European partners, is a testament to the nation’s determination to secure its place in the European family. Moldova’s journey toward EU membership continues with a sense of hope and resilience, and its leaders remain committed to the nation’s progress.


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