Ion Lazarenco: Celebrating Success with a Glass of Native Variety Wine

Swimmer Ion Lazarenco, the Moldovan who has set record after record and is the eighth person in the world to successfully swim across seven straits, posted a video with a glass of wine in hand. Alongside his diplomas and medals earned so far, the athlete encourages his followers to follow his example at significant life events and choose wines made from our native grape varieties.

“No matter where on Earth I’ve roamed, on land or in the water, I’ve carried the flag of the Republic of Moldova on my back and my homeland in my heart. I’ve celebrated success with a glass of wine from our native grape varieties, which I recommend to all of you. Peace to all! Cheers” reads the message from our athlete, who was also Moldova’s candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2019.

Ion Lazarenco is one of the Moldovan athletes who, despite having lived in Ireland for many years, has made the whole world talk about the Republic of Moldova. Together with other notable figures from our country, the swimmer has become a promoter of wines made from native grape varieties, a campaign initiated by Castel Mimi, with the aim of making wines produced from native grapes known worldwide, wines that are unique worldwide.

The four native grape varieties grown in the Romanian territory and used to produce varietal and blended wines are “Fetească Albă,” “Fetească Regală,” “Fetească Neagră,” and “Rara Neagră.”

Until now, similar messages have come from actor and TV presenter Andrei Porubin, singer Cornelia Ștefăneț, the singer Doina Sulac, as well as the pan flute musician Constantin Moscovici.


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