Sweden Donates 26 Million Euros to Support Energy Supply and Efficiency in Moldova

The Embassy of Sweden in Chișinău has announced a generous donation of 26 million euros to support the energy supply and energy efficiency efforts in the Republic of Moldova. According to the Swedish Embassy, this support will specifically aid vulnerable households in Moldova during the winter months, while also contributing to long-term energy efficiency and infrastructure expansion in the country.

“Moldova has been significantly impacted by the large-scale invasion of Ukraine by Russia. With this support package, we are assisting Moldova during this critical stage. This assistance will help vulnerable households survive the winter,” stated the Swedish Minister for International Development and Foreign Trade, Johan Forssell.

Out of the total support of 26 million euros, 17 million will be directed towards the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development to bolster its activities in Moldova. An additional 9 million euros will be allocated to Moldova’s Energy Vulnerability Reduction Fund and the United Nations Development Programme to support especially vulnerable households during the winter season.

Sweden stands as one of Moldova’s most significant bilateral partners, providing nearly 17 million euros in ongoing support for reforms in 2023. This contribution reaffirms Sweden’s commitment to strengthening Moldova’s resilience and energy sustainability in the face of challenges stemming from regional conflicts.


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